Hangarage at Strathaven


Strathaven Airfield has two modern purpose-built shared hangars for general use. One is 9,000 sq ft and the other 10,000 sq ft.


There are two other hangars on the airfield; a white Romney shed using for maintenance equipment and Sportflight Scotland Ltd's school aircraft and a small private green hangar which was recycled from a garage forecourt!


As of April 2023, there are about 34 aircraft based at Strathaven. The airfield operator's intention is to remain below the VAT threshold, so at current pricing the hangars will likely be at full capacity by the end of 2023. However there is an annual turnover of about 10% in aircraft based here, so there should be in future about three or four places available every year for new aircraft.


The airfield operator is currently considering how a hangarage waiting list will be implemented. The general thought is that priority will be given to people living within five miles of Strathaven Airfield. Priority will also be given to someone with an aircraft in the same category as the one departing: ie wings-folded, weightshift or three-axis/light aircraft.


Once the criteria have been fully developed and agreed, details will be published here.


From May 2016,  the airfield will not be accepting applications for hangarage from two-stroke engined aircraft or from light aircraft powered by other than Rotax engines. The main reason for this is to maintain our low noise footprint. To be clear, this only applies to permanently-based aircraft, not visitors.


Exceptions to this rule may be considered for historic and other interesting aircraft at the sole discretion of the airfield operator.