Grand Designs - The Airfield House

Artist's impression by Richard Murphy Architects


Behind the scenes, there's a fair amount of work goes on at the airfield and sometimes there's a need for someone to be here "just in case" - such as when aircraft and helicopters have to divert due to bad weather. We can also work long hours in the summer, finishing up at 9:30-10pm to make the most of the long evenings


Living in Glasgow meant we were about 45 minutes drive away, not too far for an evening out but a long way to get home and have your dinner after a busy summer day!


So we came up with the idea of building a house. Got to be a winner - after all, we own the ground and we can build exactly what we'd like. Well, of course, there are all sorts of hidden costs (like £6,000 just for the electricity cable, before digging the trench to bury it in) and you can't have exactly what you want because you have to work to a budget. And our budget was pretty fixed because we had sold our house in Glasgow and my old flat in Edinburgh to provide the funds. You don't make that much from teaching people to fly!









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