Electric Car Charging Point


Strathaven Airfield now has an electric car charging point installed.


ROLEC EV WallPod Charger Unit


The Rolec EV Wallpod EVWP2026 has a 32amp (7.2kW) IEC62196 (Type 2) charging socket and is located next to the side door of the clubhouse. It gives full Mode 3 fast charging.


EV charge point outside door of Strathaven Airfield clubhouse


For the manufacturer's information sheet, please click here.


For operating instructions, see the company instruction sheet below:


ROLEC EV WallPod instructions


NB: START: Please plug lead into car first, then into the unit.


NB: FINISH: Please remove lead from car first, then from charging point to allow time for the lock to disengage.


FINALLY, to get power to the charging unit, you must make sure the switch behind the clubhouse door is switched on. Please switch off after charging to prevent unauthorised use. 


Wall switch for EV charger