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Strathaven Airfield plate from Pooleys


Please note: New GAR regs mean no direct flights from outside the UK can make Strathaven Airfield their first landing in the UK.

Flights from Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man are not ex-UK - but still need to fill the usual GAR. 



This plate is from Pooley's 2022 Flight Guide. You can buy the latest edition online from Pooleys.

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Strathaven Airfield is not suitable for all aircraft types, please visit first and inspect the runways.


While we do not insist on PPR, it is recommended. Please check this web site for any events and phone if you have any questions. 


Notes on the runways:


Runway 27: Most pilots aim to touch down just after the threshold to enjoy the smoothest part of the runway.

Caution: touching down earlier will mean crossing the dip between the starter extension and the main runway at speed and may damage your aircraft.

Caution: If there is any southerly component to the wind, some aircraft may be using 23 as well.

Runway 09: Most pilots either aim to touch down at the threshold - the top of the boundary fence is below the threshold level - or else land long and aim to touch down at the intersection of the crosswind runways.


Runway 23: Popular with taildraggers and weightshift microlights when there is a SW component to the wind. 

Caution: heavier aircraft may be using Runway 27 at the same time.

Caution: 23 runs uphill with a significant upwards slope to the fence.

Runway 05: Runs downhill and popular with taildraggers and weightshifts in NE winds. 

Caution: If landing, beware of fence at threshold and downhill slope.

Caution: Larger aircraft may be using Runway 09


Runway 16: Short and runs uphill. Not recommended for take-offs. Good clear approach over lower ground if landing.

Caution: For take-offs, it is short, runs uphill and has a post and wire fence at the end. Not recommended.

Runway 34: Short and runs downhill. For departures, good clear climbout. Not recommended for landings.

Caution: For landings, it is short, runs downhill and has a post and wire fence at the threshold. Not recommended.




Non-radio aircraft use Strathaven Airfield. So keep a good lookout!

Strathaven Airfield uses - 135.475 mhz.

This is not a "ground" or "radio" service. It is not for ground-based personnel to broadcast on. Therefore, do not expect a reply.

Transmit blind to "Strathaven Traffic".



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Strathaven Airfield from the air (looking to the SW)

Strathaven Airfield from the air (looking to the SW)