Accounts: 2018-2019

Welcome to Strathaven Airfield Ltd's latest set of annual accounts.


The past year has been one of "steady as she goes". While the airfield accounts show a small loss of around £2,500 before tax, this was mainly due to depreciation. So we actually ended the financial year with slightly more cash in the bank!


Aircraft come and go over the years, but our hangarage occupancy rates are looking OK. They would be a lot better if three aircraft weren't stranded at other airfields due to the Covid-19 lockdown!


We started some drainage work down the side of the main runway this winter, and then found at least one drain under the runway blocked. So with the virus situation, we managed to get 60 tonnes of gravel delivered before the shutdown and we have now finished putting three new drains across the runway, with some of the excess topsoil being used to fill in a dip. Hopefully all the grass will grow back before very long.


We are trying our best to keep the airfield ready for flying to recommence as soon as permitted. Fortunately, grounds keeping and aircraft maintenance are permitted activities, so either Colin and Graham are around the airfield every day. If you follow Strathaven Airfield on Facebook you'll see the Colin has set a 100 jobs in 100 days challenge. It may give an insight on all the little things that happen to keep the airfield going.


Thanks to you all, the airfield should weather this storm and be in fine fettle when life reboots. As a not-for-profit company, we are unsure of exactly what financial help is available, but the airfield has no paid staff. Any opportunities we can find, we will apply for.


Finally, at this point, we would usually advise that the accounts and associated receipts are available for inspection at the airfield. With social distancing requirements, if there is anything you'd like to inspect this year please let Colin know and we can scan things or use Facetime so as you can view them.


May we wish you and your family health and happiness.


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