How Covid-19 is affecting flying lessons

Flying lessons at Strathaven Airfield are now halted, in line with government advice.
The airfield is also closed to visiting aircraft and there are strict rules for based pilots, see here.
While the airfield is still open, we simply cannot operate the flying school. Two strangers sitting extremely close to each other definitely does not comply with essential "social distancing".
We have three groups of customers at the airfield: those who have gift vouchers, qualified pilots needing their biannual refresher flights, and students.
For those with gift vouchers from Sportflight Scotland and Microlight Scotland: existing vouchers due to expire in 2020 are having their validity extended to the end of September next year. So they will be valid until 30th September 2021.

There is no need to contact us to get vouchers re-issued. We will know when you call to book. 

New gift vouchers will be valid until the 30th September 2021 - so valid for two summers.
For licensed pilots: the requirement to have one hour of instructional flight to get your licence revalidated has been suspended by he CAA. But you will still need a signature from an examiner. Phone Colin on 0797 997 1301 and he will explain how to do this.
For students working towards their licences: there are various measures being introduced to make sure, for example, that the validity of your written exams doesn't expire. And we will be in touch ASAP when we can start to earn cash from you for flying lessons! 
Rest assured, the airfield and the flying school are financially sound and will still be here once this crisis is under control.
The ground and the buildings of the airfield are owned mortgage-free by Marta and Colin, as are the aircraft used by the flying school and our house. Nothing is leased, so we don't have to pay the bank or finance company every month - which is a blessing.